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1:1 Consultation with the head surgeon

To provide the most satisfactory results, Glovi Plastic Surgery communicates with the patient to find an ideal direction of the patient's surgery.
With a professional medical system, Glovi gives a promise to repay the patient with a highly successful and satisfactory surgery.

Detailed examination before the surgery

Before the surgery, Glovi Plastic Surgery performs a comprehensive detailed examination that allows to analyze scientifically and examine thoroughly patient's physical condition. It allows to make a personalized plan for the patient to have a surgery with an optimal physical condition.

Personalized custom design

Because different people have different body types and physical characteristics, it is important to accurately understand individual differences in order to create a custom design and to perform satisfactory surgeries. In each case, Glovi Plastic Surgery proposes a personalized design through the most suitable method, that is why the level of satisfaction is very high.

Plastic surgery performed by the surgeon in person

Glovi Plastic Surgery's surgeons specialized in various fields with an extensive clinical experience perform all the surgeries in person. From the surgery to post-op care, a surgeon in charge directly manages the progress and communicates with the patient, so it gives even safer and more satisfactory outcomes.

Post-op care

Post-op care, as an extension of the surgery, is evenly important.
To help the patients recover faster, Glovi Plastic Surgery provides various post-op care programs like ultrasound, massage, Smartlux, etc.

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Professional medical system

Glovi body surgery img Glovi body surgery img