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Glovi's own facial contouring post-op treatment system

Taking a responsibility for before and after the surgery and helping
with faster recovery through detailed post-op treatments

1:1 personalized custom face surgery

Glovi Plastic Surgery uses different facial contouring surgery methods that match individual face shape and patient's preference.
Through performing a custom surgery, creating a beautiful face shape and increasing the level of satisfaction after the surgery

Advanced safety system

We are well prepared for any medical accidents that may happen during the surgery. Through anesthesiologists' 1:1 professional
anesthesia, having a septic room that blocks microbiosis, etc., we maintain an advanced medical safety system

Specialized medical team

To create a beautiful face shape, that will satisfy the patient, medical team's professional and extensive clinical experience
is important. Thanks to an exclusive treatment by head surgeons with an extensive clinical experience and advanced skills,
Glovi Plastic Surgery strives to give the highest level of satisfaction to the patients

Advanced Smartlux Treatment

Emitting a high quality ultrasound equally to the surgical area, what helps with faster recovery, revitalization of skin cells,
and increasing the skin elasticity

Glovi Chin Surgery img Glovi Chin Surgery img